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Another pose hehe :p #blueeyes #newlipstick #bownecklace #selfie #nosering #nosepiercing #girlswithpiercings #pose #dontcare


My 9 year old brother started reading Harry Potter, and he asked me, so earnestly, “Were the Dursley’s mean to Harry when he was little?” I hadn’t thought much about it before, and he seemed so upset that I totally lied to that little kid. “NO! Of course they weren’t.” 

But then I couldn’t get young Harry out of my head. There must have been a time before he was resigned to their neglect that he wanted their affection.






omg my little brother was using my computer and look at his search history


so embarrassing

"sonic with boobies"

sonic fanfiction

Sexy anime girls with boobs

did anyone read the whole list

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